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!Our Chapters

Chapters in Bangalore
  Ages Boys Girls Total
Agape 7-15 10 10 20
Agape Center 4-17 15 20 35
Chetana Foundation 3-21 12 10 22
Don Bosco After School 1 8-15 12 12 24
Don Bosco1 11-12 10 10 20
Home of Faith Boys 10-17 12 10 22
Kairos 1 7-15 5 3 8
Living Peace 11-14 5 0 5
Love in Action 4-12 20 20 40
Radiant Shema Boys 4-18 10 0 10
Sneha Homes 5-18 21 6 27
11 Chapters   132 101 233

Chapters in Chennai
  Ages Boys Girls Total
Kallukuttai Center 7-15 20 35 55
1 Chapters   20 35 55


Workshops and Training

Summer Camp 2020 – Face Giants, Fear Not!

Address & Directions : Virtual
Register For Summer Camp 

I want my kids to be engaged in FUN filled, GROWTH oriented and SAFE summer programs during this lockdown, is what you are thinking too, right?

Then take a look at the Hope ToRCh Online Summer Camp!  We are so excited to present our second batch of ONLINE Summer Camp happening this Monday. We have successfully conducted batch one of Online Summer Camp and here is what the kids and parents had to say:-

Hope torch summer camp has been motivating our children to try new things and kids are doing well. I’m very happy about the summer camp and we will support you as parents in all ways possible. Continue the hard work and thank you so much to the Team of Hope Torch. – Parent

I want to thank the HT team for conducting a summer camp at the time in the quarantine. I want to tell you that I learned many things, especially the spice art. I actually didn’t know about this art before, so I want to thank the HT team for introducing this kind of art. I also came to know some other friends in the summer camp. – HT Kid

Click Here To Register For The Hope Torch Online Summer Camp

 The Theme of our camp is “FACE GIANTS, FEAR NOT”. Kids are given safe yet challenging activities to help them face their fear like trying new things, telling stories, etc, and motivate them to overcome their fears throughout the camp through different activities.

How exactly is it going to be conducted?

The camp is conducted with just one app, WhatsApp!  Camp starts from 25th -30th of May, every day at 10 AM, we will announce the Activity of the day followed by a few tips and ideas during their working period i.e., 10 am-12 pm. The kids are expected to submit their work at 12 pm sharp. We will then exchange the work among kids to compliment and give healthy feedbacks which is guided by the camp counselor and close the camp at 1 pm.

The following are the members of camp committee/ organizers and conductors of camp:
  • Saranya (Camp Organizer)
  • Supraja (Camp Organizer)
  • Rathish (Camp Counselor)
  • Niveesh (Camp Counselor)
We assure a safe, fun-filled, and growth-oriented camp for your children! If you haven’t registered yet, No problem

A Self-Worth Driven Education

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Monday February 1st, 2021

It's not necessarily negative or unhealthy to make an argument. It depends on our intentions and purpose of the discussion and argument. Make an argument to stand up for what is right.

#arguments #standupforwhatisright #standupforwhatyoubelievein #belief #dailychallenge #dailypost #Actionweek #taskoftheday #HTselfworthcalendar #actionplan #2021 #2021goals #weeklycalendar #liveintentionally #discoverselfworth #hopetorch #selfworth
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Monday February 1st, 2021

Making an Argument standing up for what is right in a healthy way.

#arguments #standupforwhatisright #standupforwhatyoubelievein #belief #dailychallenge #dailypost #Actionweek #taskoftheday #HTselfworthcalendar #actionplan #2021 #2021goals #weeklycalendar #liveintentionally #discoverselfworth #hopetorch #selfworth
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