Tutor Training

Address & Directions : HT Office Byrathi, Kothanur Bangalore

The aim of this training is to train tutors for effective advance coaching implementation.  Our proposed training consists of different sessions and a very customized agenda.


Facilitator: Renesh


By Niveesh

Advanced Coaching Introduction

Implementing the advanced coaching module


Session 2 – Teaching Methodologies/styles/strategies

By Anisha

Classroom Management

Becoming an effective Mentor

Evaluation and assessment



                                                        SNACKS AND TEA BREAK


Session 3

1.Tracking the tutor’s effectiveness: We would want the tutors to write a weekly report on what they have taught in their classes. We can have separate registers for the weekly report, which would help us to keep a record of what the kids are learning. In the meeting, this would be communicated to the tutors. This would encourage the tutors to be accountable for their roles as teachers.

2.Formulating Questions: I need to make a common question bank that can be used to evaluate the kids. I would require some help from the tutors in order to accomplish this.

3.Tutor Feedback: We want feedback from tutors every three months. That would be communicated.

4.Challenges and difficulties faced during tuitions: We are going to discuss concerning common struggles during tutoring and come up with solutions for them.