.What if every children’s home could provide their children with the proper care?
What if it was possible to give these orphaned and abandoned children all the opportunities they deserve?

Would you want to be a part of this and help promote the children’s lives?

Hope Torch gives children’s homes the support and opportunities to provide every child with whatever it takes to secure their well-being and build their self-worth.

Interaction with the Orphanages

Orphanage Introduction and Registration with Hope Torch

  • We collect Orphanage information related to history, owners, current sponsorship, child database, and potential areas of support.
  • Orphanages that are not licensed are walked through a licensing compliance checklist that ensures the orphanage is managing its children properly in a way that would lead to licensing down the road


Project Definition

  • Each project, no matter how big or small in scope, duration, cost, or children involved, must answer the following four basic questions before funding can be provided:
    • What is the current health, hygiene or educational problem that is being resolved?
    • How does this problem impact the self-worth of the children?
    • What will be the measurable outcome of the project?
    • How will the self-worth of the children be improved either directly or indirectly

Project Delivery

  • The project schedule and updates will be obtained and reported.
  • Routine follow-up will be made to ensure project completion.
  • Metrics will be taken to report the benefits to the children.


Web Content

  • The Hope Torch website acts as a showcase for the orphanages and the projects.
  • Content such as a Letter from the Director, Health and Education Updates, Project Updates, Birthdays, Thank you Letters, Events, Guestbook announcements, and many more topics will be posted on the site to facilitate exposure to the orphanages and their projects.

Interaction with Donors

Project Funding

  • Hope Torch will communicate with prospective donors regarding the orphanages and projects they are following.
  • Funding is transacted through the internet gateways that are available on the website.


Orphanage Visits

  • Hope Torch encourages orphanage visits to foster direct interaction as well as exposure for the children.
  • Donors seeking to make a visit can contact the orphanage through Hope Torch or directly.

Project Funding

All project funding would be made through the website and the associated payment gateways.  The payment gateways will retain a certain transaction fee, currency exchange fee, and other fees for their services.  These transaction-related fees will be excluded from the donation and will not be reported as part of the contribution.


A project that has a set start date will be funded based on the amount that was collected to date.  The orphanage would receive the funds regardless of whether it matched the total cost of the project or just a portion of the cost.


Should a project be cancelled prior to the start of the project, the donors will be informed and be given the choice to donate to another project or to have their funds returned minus any financial transaction fees (no administrative fees would be charged).


Hope Torch will either fund a project up front or reimburse the project that is underway.  There will be a statement of accounts provided for every project.  The statement of accounts would show the utilization of the orphanage funds towards that project.


More than ensuring that every dollar donated goes to that specific project, Hope Torch understands the challenges that orphanages face in financing their projects in this way.  Instead, Hope Torch will ensure that the project was executed for the benefit of the children and reported all related metrics to the donors.


Administrative Costs

As a rule, all projects will be created with the purpose of funding a specific orphanage project.  Hope Torch will not create projects for internal funding.  Hope Torch will retain 7% of all project funds for administrative costs.


Administrative Costs would include website maintenance, employee salaries, and infrastructure costs.  In addition, administrative costs may include any project funding and delivery costs that Hope Torch might incur in order to better serve the orphanage.  At the end of every year, any balance exceeding the corpus will be dedicated to projects in the following year.


Should Hope Torch require funding for its own future projects, such funding would be collected through external support and not through the website.