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  • Yes, it is finally here, your packages are ready and has been couriered to the address of everyone on your list. Our wait is over, this would not be possible without your diligence and patience. 
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  • Selfworth postcard campaign 2019 objectives! 
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  • Yup that's right! 
Those are our Selfworth postcards in progress! 
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  • Food for thought –

Who are we? 😎
A Self-Worth Ambassador is someone knows the power Self-Worth can provide and also knows the helplessness felt without it. A Self-Worth Ambassador is angered by the injustice of a system designed to bury Self-Worth. A Self-Worth Ambassador has at least one person in their life who they hope will one day discover their Self-Worth.
Kudos to you dear Self-Worth Ambassador for striving to make the world a better place!

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  • Thank you guys! 
Love the attention we are receiving! Keep it coming! 
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  • Hey guys, 
Welcome to another year of discovering and celebrating self-worth. We are starting this year with our Self-Worth Postcard Campaign 2019 and the theme is “Failure is an Option”. Society labels those who fail as unworthy of acceptance. The irony is that failure is the only true path to success. .
So stay tuned! 
  • This personal message (on the other side😜) means a lot to me!!! Love you loads Madhu di 😘😘😘😘
I got a #selfworthpostcard @hope.torch @madhulika.sw09
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  • Thank you @madhulika.sw09 for sharing #selfworthpostcard with us to make us realize our worth in between the hassles of life. #hopetorch
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  • I got a #SelfWorthPostcard @hope.torch from @idhiyaraja and @anisha1480 
Thankyou guys for making me feel special 😊
  • Writing ✍️ Self-Worth Postcards to the guardian angels of my Self Worth!
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Self-Worth is the soul-worth of each and every being in this universe which is endless to measure. 
I do believe that life is an opportunity and a vocation, which needs [me] to listen to my YESs [opportunities to explore my potential]. Every second, God, People and Nature [declare their] voice [upon my] life [inspiring me] to [pursue] my YESs.

Hope Torch has shaped my self-worth by always [embracing that children start life] as the invaluable ONE rather than the valueless ZERO. [Hope Torch] has never promised to create self-worth in anyone but has always helped people discover their self-worth.

I would urge everyone to remember,
The sense of belongingness to this Universe – to love and to be loved, to respect & to be respected and to give & receive the gift of dignity to everyone.

Read my Self-Worth Story:
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  • #selfworth is believing that somehow, somewhere you made a positive difference in this world to someone. @hope.torch is all about helping kids know that they’re worthy. #selfworthpostcard #campaign #hopetorch

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