Letter from the Director

If I’ve never told you about Provincidence (a word I coined), please let me know. Hope Torch had a very exciting provincidence happen in mid-August. I walked into the office on a Monday morning and got a phone call from out of the blue. It was Mr. Renesh Nathan. The first thing he told me was that he wanted a job. The second thing was that his CV would confuse me.

He was right and wrong. Renesh has 11 years of experience in large IT MNCs. Over the past few years, he has felt the call to switch to social work and to focus on helping people. His journey would seem very confusing if it were not so similar to mine.

Since mid-August, Hope Torch has been fortunate to have Renesh join us on a part-time basis. He has provided value in the form of guiding our team in designing a Tutorless version of Advanced Coaching, a Video Series branding our Vision, and he has brought us closer to partnerships that could take Hope Torch into schools and corporates. He has demonstrated that his primary focus is the kids, with a close second being the growth of each member of our team. As of October, I’m happy to announce that Renesh has transitioned into a full-time position as our Operations Manager for the Bangalore Office.

This transition is also a needed transition for me. I will still be directly involved in Hope Torch as I look to reach our vision into schools and other academic circles. Also, our Chennai team will be a focus of growth as Saranya (Program Coordinator in Chennai) and I rebuild the team there.

Sometimes these transitions are cause for concern, but in this case, the provincidence has provided a sense of security and trust in this new direction.


Arun Durairaj

Managing Director

Hope Torch