Letter from the Director

There are many people out there who would like to add value to the lives of children. Yet, simply showing up is not enough. Kids move through life evaluating relationships. Those relationships are what define them and in turn direct their development.

Last year, we developed a training module for others who are interested in working with kids through our chapters. We have affectionately called it the Legacy Framework, named with the idea that you decide what legacy you choose to leave with kids.

It is a three step process which first begins with Embracing Life Enrichment (ELE). ELE is a focus on the self-worth culture not just as an individual, but on the group. It is focused on creating the right team environment among the kids and between the kids and us. Within the ELE environment, our relationships with them can have maximum impact.

Our hope is that within this Legacy framework, we can have the best chance of tearing down the barriers to self-worth that society has shackled onto these kids.

The next two phases are Embracing Social Action (ESA) and Know Your Child (KYC). These will be discussed in the second and third terms this year…


Arun Durairaj

Managing Director

Hope Torch