Greater Love

Word Frames 2015-2016

Budget : $360 (0% Funded) Progress: (0%) Latest Milestone: September 2015
Milestone Update (30 Sep 2015):

Greater Love - The purpose of this program is to make classroom content relevant to the real world through art.   A proper word frame consists of three parts: [Read More ...]

Clear the Boards 2014-2015

Budget : $230 (0% Funded) Progress: (100%) Last Milestone: May 2015
Milestone Update (30 Apr 2014):

Exams were taken in April.

Greater Love - The 10th standard/grade board exams are used to determine whether a child can pursue a career in medicine, engineering, arts, or will not be eligible [Read More ...]

Tuitions 2014-2015

Budget : $350 (23% Funded) Progress: (100%) Last Milestone: May 2015
Milestone Update (30 Apr 2014):

Greater Love - HT is launching a tuition program for the children at the home.  The tuition program will span 2 and a half hours a day, 2 [Read More ...]

Inside Out – 2014

Budget : $260 (0% Funded) Progress: (100%) Last Milestone: Third Trimester Review
Milestone Update (01 Jan 2015):

Work was completed with these two children.  Progress was made but still some symptoms are lingering.

Greater Love - The Inside Out program is an effort to identify and alleviate any mental obstacles to the child’s proper development.  Some children may display extreme mental [Read More ...]

Hidden Treasures 2014-2015

Budget : $280 (100% Funded) Progress: (100%) Last Milestone: May 2015
Milestone Update (31 May 2015):

Two projects were completed by the groups in this home.

Greater Love - The Hidden Treasures programs uses group based arts and crafts to enable the children to explore different aspects of their culture and society. The program [Read More ...]

Since from the year 2000 onwards we involved in various children program like forming children clubs,free tuitions,conducting awareness programs etc. When we started doing the above said programme in the villages we came across the affected children both mentally and physically starts from the age group of three years. The reasons are many like poverty,abuse and dysfunctional families which cause suicides,accidents etc. One of the cause is as they become an orphan due to some reason. Therefore it became an urgent need and burden to start a children home called greater love children home..

Mission Statement 

  1. 1. To bring the GLCH children into the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and lead them towards God’s Kingdom.
  2. 2. To make them as a disciple to proclaim the good news of Jesus christ.
  3. 3. To bring a spiritual leadership.
  4. 4. To carry out our vision and burden to serve the unprivileged children.
  5. 5. Being a witness to christ in all circumstances.

We are enabiling these needy children to achieve sustainable development, spiritually,mentally,socially,physically and economically.

The greater love children home was started in the year 2010 by Rev.v.vedanayagam and Salomi Vedanayagam.

The home was initially started with 5 children in a rented house at Ayanavaram, Chennai. At present there are 15 children are taken from very poor background. Mostly orphans and few semi orphan , slum dwellers and street children (boys & girls)from the age of 7 yrs to 14 yrs (who are unable to get food or education) are selected without any discrimination of caste colour, religion or creed.

All of them are school going children.they are trained to attain the capacity to stand on their own at the time they leave our home.

Greater love children home is a non profitable organisation.We are meeting all the expenses of stay,food,clothes,education and medical expenses from our own resources, since the cost of living is increasing day by day, its difficult to run the home with a limited resources and without any support. So we kindly bring this obligation with hope to extend our helping hands to make a difference the lives of these children.
No.63/27,Madurai street,Ayanavaram,Chennai-600 023.