Spoken English Programs

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Spoken English Program Brochure

The program is based on the WIDA Standards for Speaking and Listening. Through this program, the students will learn to communicate in a variety of subjects related to the basic fields of study and the appropriate level of communication based on age and experience in language. The program is a week long routine of word exploration which culminates in a Saturday event involving onsite volunteers. Hope Torch trains tuition teachers to perform the daily and progressive review of each set of words and context.

The volunteers are consistently interacting with the children. Proficiency Levels are used to assess the children once every few weeks. The children improve to Level 4 or 5 proficiency in all Standards and are ready for promotion to the next Group Cluster, the next abstraction of English.

The program will last 9-12 months or one academic year. Upon completion a new program may begin.

Act as a tutor for a child in our programs.

  • We assign 1-2 children in a home as a tutor for a specific program.
  • Once in 2 weeks, we send you their work for that program.
  • You review, give feedback, ask questions, etc...
  • The child replies (we are moderators)
  • Continue this for the duration of the program.

Currently Running Spoken English Programs

Spoken English 2014-2015

  • Orphanage : PUSH Trust
  • Category : Academic Programs
  • Duration : 01-Aug-15 to 30-Apr-15
  • Status : In Progress  10%
  • Last Milestone : September 2014
  • Milestone Docs :
  • Funding Progress : $310 Budget  26%
  • If the goal for the children is to create the best possible opportunity for their futures, then English is a requirement.  Especially in India, where [Read More …]