Curriculum for the Illiterate and Unschooled

Project for : Agape Center

Usha at Agape Center is 14 years old and is unable to read and write.  She has never gone to school.  Feba, our social worker, is working with her to give her at least the basics in reading, writing and basic math.

This goal is an attempt to create a curriculum which can be replicated after Usha.  There are many children like Usha in this community.  Hopefully, with this curriculum, Hope Torch can help the other kids that come to the Agape Tuition Center that are in the same situation as Usha.

Status : Completed

The program is based on self-motivation.  Usha, as our first student, will have to first show her determination in working towards literacy.

Status : Completed

Attempting to see how reading can be self-taught.

Status : In Progress

Adding Basic Math to the curriculum

The progress at each milestone will be assessed to see if Usha is ready for the next level.  In practice, this program my continue for much longer than 3 months, but for the sake of this pilot, 3 months is the deadline. The final assessment will be an exam given to Usha.
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