Hidden Treasures 2015-2016

Project for : Truth Foundation

The Hidden Treasures programs uses group based arts and crafts to enable the children to explore different aspects of their culture and society.  The program is structured in a way to teach the children teamwork, organization, creativity, etc…

The children are grouped into 8+ children.  Each Hidden Treasures project must consist of the following components:

  1. Theme – The general classification of the content.  Can be anything the children select as long as it is broad enough to provide sufficient content.
  2. Category – The type of end product to be created.  Scrapbooks, greeting cards, collages, dyed t-shirts, etc…
  3. Motif – At least one “material” must be a unique or unusual item.  Can be wool, seeds, beads, etc… This is to ensure it is not a simple drawing project.

The project must be organized based on the following criteria:

  1. Sub-Groups – The project must be divided into 2+ sub-components so that the end product is developed in an assembly line organization. Each group will be responsible for their portion of the final product.  For example, if they decide to make a scrapbook, it should not be that one sub-group does half the book and the other sub-group does  the other half.  Instead, one group can do the artwork on each page, and another group can create the content.  In this way, both groups have a responsibility in every page in the final product.
  2. Leaders – There are two leaders selected.  These two are responsible to ensure that all groups know their roles and find time to work on them.  They should not do the work for the groups.

The schedule is as follows:

  1. Week 1 – Children spend one week planning and organizing themselves.
  2. Week 2 – Children identify the materials they need including the quantities.  The program admin will challenge them to keep the costs down.
  3. Week 3-4 – Materials are provided and children begin work.
  4. Week 5-6 – Project is completed.  The groups are typically paired with another group in another home or classroom and the gifts are exchanged in the end.

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Organization
    • 1 – No Teamwork
    • 2 – Team Met Weekly
    • 3 – Roles Were Clear
    • 4 – Status Clear in Meetings
  2. Schedule
    • 1 – Last Minute Work
    • 2 – Creativity in Design
    • 3 – Good Use of Motif
    • 4 – Theme Neatly Presented
  3. Delivery
    • 1 – No Schedule
    • 2 – Little Delay
    • 3 – On Schedule

At the end of each two month cycle, the children exchange “gift” projects to share their culture and creativity with each other.

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This program is designed for coordination and completion.  The groups are to complete a project every 8 weeks, so either 2-3 projects a year depending on other factors. Metrics are based on their ability to organize, their Quality, and their delivery
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