Tuitions 2014-2015

Project for : Vijaya Deepam

HT is launching a tuition program for the children at the home.  The tuition program will span 2 and a half hours a day, 2 days a week for 9 months.  The goal is to increase their performance in their class work, classroom attentiveness and exam scores.

If available, the tuition teacher will be trained to organize the tutoring sessions in proper classroom and small group formats.  The children with the lowest marks are identified to the tuition teacher and a 15-20 minute coaching is given daily to these struggling children.

The metrics used to evaluate the success of this project will consist of weekly exams and feedback to show the progress in terms of class grades, classroom confidence, and independence in homework.

September 2014
Status : In Progress
December 2014
Status : Not Started
March 2015
Status : Not Started
May 2015
Status : Not Started
Kids are given a weekly exam spanning the past three weeks of content covered in school. These exams are tabulated and recorded for improvement.
Name Location Date Amount
Anonymous Chennai, India 2014-05-31 $80