Word Frames 2015-2016

Project for : Chaitanya

The purpose of this program is to make classroom content relevant to the real world through art.   A proper word frame consists of three parts:

  1. The image selected connects to the content specified by the program admin, typically the classroom content for that week.  The image should not be from the book, but the child should be able to explain the connection.  For example, if the topic is photosynthesis, the child might draw a sun because they are able to see the connection between the sun and photosynthesis.
  2. The inside of the image is “colored” using 3-6 keywords from the classroom content related to the subject.
  3. The outside of the image should have 1-2 blocks of text which convey in the child’s own words some key points from the content.

Children are awarded points based on the following criteria:

  1. 1 point – Completion of the word frame
  2. 1 point – Completion in advance of the program admin visit.
  3. 1 point – Proper word frame artwork
  4. 1 point – Ability to replicate the word frame from memory.

The children will be broken into groups of 4-7.   For each week, the team gets the lowest individual score in the group.  The team with the most points will get rewarded. This reward happens once every 4 weeks.

Every week there is one leader per group; leadership rotates every week.  The leader’s job is to encourage participation and organization.  Program Admins will go through to the leader to coordinate the groups.

September 2015
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December 2015
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March 2016
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May 2016
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Word Frame metrics seek to assess the improvement in the following areas in participation. Average Participation - The students get two points for reviewing the topic, one point for creating a properly designed word frame drawing, and taking the weekly test to see if the students are able to recollect the drawing plus academic content.  Weekly a student can gain a maximum of 4 points.  The Average Participation score is the average across all the students for the month.
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