Tackling the SW Challenge

DISCOVER (The HT Magazine)
In order to give the kids a platform, we have begun creating a magazine dedicated to recognizing the work they do.  The kids would be the source of the content.  In the process of collecting content from the kids, the kids were not so cooperative.  I had to chase the kids in order to get them to submit. Being kids, anything they do, the first time around it always feels like work to them and they gave many reasons to escape.

Finally, I left the decision to do or not to do to the kids.  I explained to them that we are doing it for them.  I asked them, “How much do you value getting recognized for your work?”

The results will be evident in the upcoming magazine.

Program Admin Weekly Meetings
It’s interesting how the same values we practice with the kids, we have to practice with each other.  In our Program Admin weekly meetings, we make sure that every Program Admin gets to express their ideas.  All need to be equally heard and equally appreciated. We practice non-judgmental listening based on the principles of dignity and self-worth.

Hidden Treasures Theme
In Hidden Treasures, this quarter with a bit of mentoring, the kids realized that the theme is very important to whatever project they come up with. Kids from Living Peace took their time to understand this.  They realized that their idea of a collective autobiographical book was not meant to just tell their own story but to encourage others to write as well.  They indicated to me that there is sense of contribution among them.


By Anisha Bhandari

Program Coordinator – Bangalore