Tackling the SW Challenge

Self-worth, shaped by the lens of ELE (Embracing Life Enrichment), leads to the power of strength in numbers. There is a secret to every happy employee – an employee who is continuously making an impact to one another and to one around them. An employee who is totally engaged on what they do to bring out the best of their vision every day. To reach every kid, our employees collaborate towards the best possible approach in bringing out the skill of self-discovery within each kid.

The Discover Magazine, the first publication of Hope torch dedicated to recognizing the kids, was a huge challenge for the last quarter.  The ELE culture enabled us to deliver the expected contents from program admins and kids. For me, one major challenge was that it was my first time editing a project this big.  Somehow we made it to the launch day and were able to celebrate with our caretakers from our partnered chapters and the kids who we work with.  The happiness and pride on the kids face is thanks enough for all our hard work.  We had two major causes of celebration:

  1. Kids really took pride in seeing their work recognized in the magazine,
  2. The content provided by the program admins showcases the holistic work we do at Hope Torch

Of course, one wish would have been to have more knowledge into editing, layouts, and tools for magazine publication. Something to keep in mind for next time.  This journey of the magazine, from planning to publishing, was a humbling trial and error experience.  I equally celebrate each milestone in the process.  This has brought a different vision for the upcoming edition.

Part of my role in managing the team is to ensure weekly program meetings are effective and bring out the best from program admins in their weekly activities at their particular chapter.  Various initiatives are always taken during weekly meetings with the program admins.  This ensures the attainment of program and self-worth objectives.

Supraja, one of our program admins, realized that one child was not able to retain content like the other children.  For seemingly simple tasks such as 0+2=2, she was not able to recall the basic calculation. Supraja first tried different techniques but they didn’t work as she expected.  After bringing the problem to the team, she was empowered to attempt a different step through a special needs worker.

Teams in such an ELE environment are already motivated and just need to unleash their motivation.  An employee who is truly inspired by the common vision of self-worth resides within the team, all of whom call themselves self-worth ambassadors and everyday are tackling kids self-worth challenges.

This quarter we conducted many events designed to overcome the challenges of different groups within our organization.

  1. Tutors Training Workshop – This training was for our tutors at our chapters.  We at Hope torch, believe that education should be an enriching experience.  A student should learn and grow everyday at whatever they do.  We want our tutors to embrace this vision as they work with each child.  This 3-hour training focused on different aspect of effective teacher, classroom management and advance coaching.  
  2. Caretaker workshop on “ Why does your child need you?” – The workshop aimed at training the caretakers on different developmental needs of children.   We asked the caretakers to join us in signing up with Hope torch as we pledge to seek the well-being of the children.

These are some examples of the steps we take as a team as we seek to deliver our program and self-worth objectives to the kids.



By Anisha Bhandari

Program Coordinator – Bangalore