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SelfWorth on Inta

  • Who said Math is boring? 🤐
Math is fun when it's done the right way - Gamify it!! 💪🏼👨‍🔬👩‍🔬 Wanna know more? Dm us 😉
  • . Often we noticed that “D” (made-up name) wouldn’t come to the class. Upon enquiry, we found out that she actually is very intelligent. Unfortunately, her irregularity to tuition in the past year had just become an excuse. So one of our Program Admins decided to talk to her personally. After which she started coming regularly, this year. 
One day in school when a science test was held, “D” was very excited. And when the Program Admin asked her how she did? She replied, due to Advanced Coaching that the tuition teacher gives me, for the first time it motivated me to aim for Centum in the science subject.

We are very blessed to help and guide kids like "D", by helping them to understand their Selfworth.

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  • We couldn't explain our gratitude in a video and our only hope is you like it. If you are interested, sign-up with the link provided in the bio and stay connected. One small request, please message this video to your friends and family who joined you in this campaign or even received a postcard. You can also copy the bio link and message it.

Team HopeTorch

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  • Thankyou @lumu.lumanti for supporting us on this campaign and for the selfie. Yes, there is no achievement without failure. Happy Self-Worth Postcard Campaign 2019!

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  • Thankyou @baby_chinzah for supporting us on this campaign and for the selfie. Happy Self-Worth Postcard Campaign 2019!

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  • We all have someone we look upon, especially mentors. Here is one such story from our Self-Worth Ambassador, who shared his experience and the role models in his life. If you agree mentors play an important role in personal growth, do like and comment. 👇

My name is Idhiya Raj from Chennai. I currently work in Yuva Active Advocacy forum, Chennai as a District coordinator .

I grew up as an independent child, with very limited exposure to the world outside. However, I always believed in myself and knew myself very well – both my positives and negatives. Since childhood, I have worked towards enhancing my positive qualities, and avoided my negatives. I was always scared of trying anything new because I feared failure. I did not bother about converting this negative trait of fear into something positive, but continued to ignore it.

This quality of focusing only on my strengths made me pick the Commerce stream in class 11, only because I did not like Math and Science. I successfully passed 12th grade, but in college I had no option but to take, because I was a Commerce student. All that I wanted was to complete my undergraduate degree, and work in a big MNC. I had no intentions of doing a PG.

Later, in a public gathering, I met my friend’s brother who was doing his Master’s degree in Social Work. Even though I had no other knowledge about Social Work, the field work component caught my imagination, and I decided to pursue my postgraduate degree in Social Work.

Towards the end of my final year of undergraduation, I met with a very serious road accident. My treatment was challenging, and the recovery forced me to remain at home for almost one and a half years. That was when my father asked me to consider doing a PG. I immediately said I would pursue Social Work, even though it was based on just one interaction with my friend’s brother. I enrolled for the Social Work course at Madras Christian College in 2013. All these things just happened. I had nothing planned.

Through all these unexpected challenges, my support system has had a great impact upon me:

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  • Excited to see friends across the world supporting us on the Self-Worth Postcard Campaign 2019! Thank you @stacys_mom2 for sending us this image. 😃

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  • "Greatest Gift You Can Give Someone Is Your Time". :) Grateful for the love and support in sharing these poster's of self-worth, "Failure Is An Option". Happy Self-Worth Postcard Campaign 2019!

  • Thankyou Priya for supporting us on the campaign and for this selfie. Happy Self-Worth Postcard Day! :) #failureisanoption #selfworthambassador #selfworthpostcard #april14 #selfworth

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