Agape Recap for Oct-Dec 2017

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When it comes to Agape, the experience centers on consistency.  The same kid attending continuous week programs is like 50%.  So we must deal with new set of kids every time.  It can be a bit challenging as the group of kids differs and forming a group for any of the projects or a team for Word Frames will not always work.

For Agape, I adopted my own structure wherein the programs were run more independently for each individual kid. Not always the same strategy works in every home.  I learnt to adapt to the change and always prepare for sudden differences coming into the picture.

The only thing that clicked for me at Agape was a working relationship that was built with one female kid who was a school dropout.  I saw a lot of transformation in three months with her.  I always thought about the change graph she had been through from not being able to do Mathletics in even 8 minutes to coming down to 5 minutes in 2 months.  It was a big achievement for her and for HT.  She not just improved in her speed of math but also improved in the area of practice.  Inspite of a heart touching background story, her painful family experiences, alcoholic father and parents separation, she was motivated to learn.  She had to dropout of school due to family responsibility.

The Hidden Treasure project at Agape which was “I am grateful cards.”  It gave a vision her having her own designed clothes; that was a remarkable child expression to me.