Agape Recap for Oct-Dec 2018

Agape Center : The Latest News

Although, Agape had a few highs and lows this quarter in terms of the number of children attending the program, I can see great things happening and the children progressing in terms of academics and discovering their self- worth.

We have 12 children now at agape compared to the beginning of the quarter which was 3-5 children.

Things that went well:

  • We finally found a tutor for Agape.
  • Advance coaching is constantly progressing.
  • Ranjith is showing amazing involvement and leadership.
  • Number of children is increasing.
  • Spoken English
  • Focus on Usha.

Things that didn’t go well:

  • Word frame participation
  • Delay in HT project
  • Could not take Usha to meet Special Educator.
  • Children have conflict with the tutor.