Agape Recap – June 2019

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The dedication of some of the kids amazes me. At times when the kids had exams they were still up for the programs because it had become a part of their routine. They never gave any excuse to not being able to come. A particular kid in ‘class 2’, who isn’t a part of the usual programs loves to just sit and watch all the other kids participate. Since he was so enthusiastic about the programs I would sneak in a Mathletics paper to him and his face would light up.

Although the Caretaker occasionally comes in to keep check on the kids, He sees some progress with the more quiet kids and also appreciates the HT Programs for this.

Following are some things that we saw we did well and the things could’ve gone well:-


Things That Went Well:

  • Mathletics (growth in interest)
  • Focus in the programs
  • WordFrame Participations
  • Sanjay’s Voluntary Participation in SWPC
  • The Elder Kids like Dennis, Swetha And Shalini realize the importance of Mathletics
  • Sanjay’s attempts on mathletics


Things That Did Not Go Well:

  • No HT project.
  • No advanced coaching upon the request of the caretaker
  • Quite some dropouts.
  • A few disagreements among the kids – Shalini And Swetha (Affects other kids)
  • Exam time pressure – I think it got to them.