Agape Recap – Oct 2019

Agape Center : The Latest News

At Agape, we had challenge with Advance coaching since a year. This quarter, we were able to have a good conversation with the caretakers about many concerns and plans. The caretakers suggested a tutor who was appointed to run advance coaching and has been teaching the children with great interest and involvement. And the average score of children is improving.

The Program Admin and Tutor have been working with Usha in teaching basics like numbers, vowels, three letter words etc. Usha has learnt the Vowels and remembers them anytime I ask her, which is a first victory for her and me!

The Agape kids have been getting better at word frames and presentation. This quarter they were also brainstorming themes for the Hidden treasure project and concluded on the theme of planting sapling or vegetable plants around the centre and one at each of their houses.

Things that went well:

  • Advance coaching
  • Usha’s progress
  • HT project.

Things that did go so well:

  • Scores submission from tutor
  • Word frame quality
  • Kids dropping out.