Agape Recap – Oct 2019

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Our new year with the tuition centre of the Agape Presbyterian Church, KG Halli is becoming fruitful just with the start as we have new kids join us for the programs. And the kids who have been a big part of our last year programs also bringing their friends to join. A kid who is in the 3rd standard (Jaysuriya) who loves mathematics asked to join and be a part of the programs. The interest has been spurred within each other as they participate in the Mathletics especially. I think the Mathletics program is a great tone generator towards the entire beginning of the programs in the sessions.

The Caretaker has taken more interest in the kids this year compared to the previous year. I am giving more feedbacks and weekly reports to him, keeping him updated on what’s happening in the centre, because he barely gets time to meet up with the kids.

Following are some things that we saw we did well and the things could’ve gone well:-


Things That Went Well:

  • Mathletics (growth in Math learning)
  • Focus in the programs
  • WordFrame Participations
  • All of the kids passing and moving to the next grade
  • Jaysuriya and Vinitha both becoming more confident in themselves as individuals
  • Advanced coaching happening to an extent, which is better than last year


Things That Did Not Go Well:

  • Late Hidden treasure proposal submission.
  • Time taken for the kids to adjust to each other
  • 2 drop-outs
  • Vikram’s conduct in the class