Albert Einstein at Agape

Agape Center : Health & Social Programs

The kids at the Agape Tuition Center decided to make a small booklet on Albert Einstein as their Hidden Treasures project. The kids put in a lot of pictures, a few words and also some inspirational quotes.

Setting up teams was a bit of a challenge at Agape, as kids keep changing at the centre and hence are hard to keep track off or assign to teams. Nevertheless many of them took part in this project.

Keerthan and Arun were the two leaders who supervised the project. Both are very different in nature – Keerthan is more outgoing and assertive while Arun is very polite, making them an excellent combination. Keerthan took many initiatives and tried to get the kids to understand what they were doing, with Arun always supportive of his efforts. Their management of the different teams was fantastic!

In spite of all the difficulties in organizing the teams and keeping the kids involved throughout the quarter, they managed to get the booklet done. The Hidden Treasures project also brought some change in the centre; Akash for example was one of the most silent kids in the class, never very active. After taking part in the project, a different side to Akash was seen. He started talking to everyone around him, in order to get his work done on time.