Amit – Failure should not be feared

Hope Torch : Cover Story

My name is Amit Kumar. Originally from Bihar, studies and job opportunities have brought me to Bangalore where I’ve been living since 2001. Currently, I work at British Technologies as a technical architect. I’m married and have two highly energetic boys.

Growing up, failure was never made an option for me. That made me fear failure too much to try.

I remember a story from school in 9th standard. For fun, I tried out for the senior boys 100m hurdles. By 9th standard, all the other boys had years of practice in these races. However, before the 9th standad, I had never tried because I thought I’d fail to be good at it.

It turned out that I was the fastest in my school and had the second best timing at inter-school boys hurdles. If I had known that failure is an option for me, I would have discovered this gift much earlier in life when I could have really developed it.

As a child, I always associated failure with rejection, but as I grew older I realized I would never know whether I can do something until I tried. Today, my job demands that I “fail fast” and try again until I succeed. From my experience with trying out at hurdles, I know the only way to know if I can succeed is to try without fear of failure.

Failure must always be an option or we’ll fail to discover who we really are.

If you’re going through failure, remember, all that the failure has done is show you what may not be for you. Your gifts could lie in areas you have not yet explored and probably never will if you fear failure.