Anju – Failure is a Valley

Hope Torch : Cover Story

My name is Anju. I’m a cartoonist living in Chennai.

Failure is an option – is the option that we can choose failure or is the option that we can choose whether or not to regret our failures?

I often doubt decisions I make as an “adult,” but I don’t regret anything that seemed like a failure at the time. These so-called failures have either taught me life lessons or led me to believe that they happened for a reason, even if I don’t know the reason yet.

I wish many more people, especially parents, would be accepting of failures. It would turn failures into a means to an end rather than obstacles.

For me, I’ve come to see them as valleys in life. These valleys show me just how high is the mountain I have climbed.

On second thought, I realize that one of my true failures is failing to see the success in my failures. I’m thankful that I can see that now. I appreciate the valleys.