Self-Worth Star – Beula

Beula is a 14 year old, 8th standard girl from the Radiant Shema Home nominated as the self-worth star for September. When Hope Torch first started working with the home, Beula was found to be disengaged and not interested in the programs, let alone taking part. Gradually with each passing visit she has become more attentive and willing to be involved. Beula now often takes the lead, asking the other kids to be quiet and to participate in the class when they are disruptive. She has also become very willing to listen, both to the program administrator as well as to her peers. When working on the programs, Beula is now open to hearing the opinions of even the younger children, showing that she has learned to value and respect others.  Beula was a reminder to our program administrator that her just acknowledging and listening to a child tells them they’re of interest, leading to a huge impact on their self-worth!