Chaitanya Foundation – Recap December 2017

Chaitanya : The Latest News

The girls at Chaitanya Foundation have been involved in various programs this quarter which are listed below,

  • Quarterly Goal – Women empowerment
  • Hidden Treasures – “Jewelry making is fun”
  • Mathletics, Word frames, Inside Out and Advanced Coaching.

I personally had a lot of fun times and opportunities to bond with the girls, especially this quarter. The Mathletics program had progressed from “Akka, no test please!” to “Akka, why is there no test today?”.

The girls’ level of enthusiasm towards Word Frames has increased. They now behave like teachers teaching the class, when explaining their individual word frame. The level of creativity, the colourful diagrams and the amount of effort put into doing the word frames proves how much they like it.

The Advanced Coaching program seems to be a bit of a struggle, as it is all about memorizing and reproducing the exact answers. The level of enthusiasm shown towards this program is comparatively less. But the girls still take time to put in some effort to do it.

The Quarterly Goal of “Women Empowerment” has been a mental challenge for the girls. We looked at the lives of great women like Kalpana Chawla, P.V. Sindhu and Kiran Bedi. As initiatives towards the goal, the girls came up with simple everyday goals that they can set for their lives, learnt from the lives of these women. We also had a discussion of the ‘Proverbs 31’ women. The girls wrote down goals and lessons they can learn and practice.

As a part of achieving the goal of women empowerment, the girls took up ‘Jewelry making’ as their Hidden Treasure project. They worked with beads to make cool earrings.

As a whole this quarter had been life-changing for me personally. I have never had the experience of bonding with girls younger than me. Whenever I go to the Home, the girls come running with smiles on their faces to give a big hug and begin asking questions like “Akka, how are you doing?”, “How is college?”, “What did you eat for lunch?”, all in one voice, and all the questions at the same time. These small gestures make me feel loved and has created a bond with them – I now see them as my little sisters.