Chetana Recap for Oct-Dec 2017

Chaitanya : The Latest News

The girls at Chaitanya had been involved in various programs this quarter which are listed below,

Quarterly Goal – Public Speaking

Hidden Treasures – “Best out of waste”

Mathletics, Word frames, Inside Out and Advanced Coaching are the usual programs that take place at the Home.

This quarter, though short, was a fun time with the girls. They have started developing their enthusiasm towards our Inside Out program, through which they get to share about their lives and the girls and I have developed a bond through this process.

The girls’ level of enthusiasm towards Word frames has increased. They now behave like teachers teaching the class, when explaining their word frame. Their level of creativity, color combinations of the diagram and the amount of effort put into doing the word frames proves how much they like it. The advance coaching program is catching up well with the girls. They say the program is useful to them.

The Quarterly Goal, “Public Speaking” was a good event. The girls each chose a topic they are not familiar with and spoke for five minutes each. Niveesh, a program Admin at Hope Torch was the chief guest for the event. He congratulated and encouraged the girls at the end of the event.

The girls had planned for a surprise dinner that night, for which Niveesh, Piye (intern) and I were the surprised guests. We were not served hot idlis and sambar, but we were fed.

Yes, the girls fed us that night’s dinner!

It was a different experience for all of us and the girls were so enthusiastic that they were fighting among themselves as in who would feed who. I will always cherish this Christmas dinner. I had also given the girls a surprise gift each after the dinner party, which ultimately was a surprise from my side to them. The quarter has been good and it will be something I would cherish all the time.