Chetana Recap – Oct 2019

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The girls at Chetana had been involved in various programs this quarter which are listed below,

Quarterly Goal – Spoken English

Hidden Treasures – “Save Water”

Mathletics, Word frames, Inside Out and Advanced Coaching.

This quarter was quite the turn of events. We had some of the girls who were part of us for the past three years leave, as they have graduated to PU college. Hence the number of girls has reduced down to eight, while previously it was thirteen. I personally had a lot of fun time and bonding with the girls, especially this quarter. The Mathletics program had progressed from “Akka no test please!” to “Akka why no test today?”. They have shown a greater liking towards the Math tests and also the Caretaker, Mr. Narayan is happy that they have improved in their Math school scores also.

Word frames are the favorite program for my girls. They take immense care in dividing groups and setting up the pace for each other to explain during our session. As we were working on group Word frames, we also tried out a session of individual word frames and my girls have done a very good job on it. They used a lot of colors and the ones who explained their word frame the best was rewarded with gifts.

The advance coaching program was a bit of a struggle as the Chapter suffered without a Tuition teacher for more than a month. But by God’s grace, the caretaker along with the help of another one of our tuition teachers saw to it that the advance coaching would happen as usual without delay. We have a new tuition teacher, Rohan who has been appointed by the caretaker to take tuitions and conduct advance coaching programs for the girls.

The Quarterly Goal was “Spoken English”. Most of my girls are from a Kannadiga background and prefer to speak in Kannada and not English. Hence through this program, they were able to learn new English words and also expressed to me that they think English was a ‘cool’ language to learn and converse in.

The Hidden Treasure project chosen by the girls to work on for this year is “Save Water”. They have chosen this theme as their House is in the interior parts of Kothnur area and there is a struggle for water. While many houses around them have always found it easy to draw water from their borewell, the water level condition has not been favorable for them for the past six months. Hence, through this theme, they want to create a sense of awareness among their neighbors to use water wisely.

My experience all through this quarter with my girls has been fulfilling. Watching them grow from small little girls to PU college girls for the past three years makes me happy. And the fact that I have walked this journey of two and half years as their program admin makes me want to work more and more with them and see them mature into strong, wise women.