DB1 Recap for Oct-Dec 2017

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This chapter in fact is very interesting and exciting because we had the permission to take the sixth graders, the very first high school in Bengaluru that Hope Torch initiated to run programs.  We are very grateful to the principal for giving us this opportunity.

These students remind us of how school days can be fun, undisciplined and challenging. When started, each of the students would look at the program admin confusedly as to what our programs were about because it is not an ordinary class you take in school.

Word Frames became last minute tasks.  Many found it as arts and crafts of topics.  After addressing their excuses, they did make efforts to submit and find possible ways to get it done.  But they had a difficult time connecting the Word Frame to their environments.  In other words, they made it look like a drawing that took less than three mins. Hopefully, with a few more classes, I am sure they will get around to do amazing Word Frames.

Mathletics seems to get their energy levels up. While for some the quizzes were a cake walk, others could not finish within the stipulated time. However, they do look forward to it every week. One of the tests, compounding 125 and 250, got them worn out as they kept trying to finish it in time.  It is only a matter of a few more practices and they will crack it because I was able see one child, Ms. Revathi., finish it if given a few more minutes.  Her determination inspired many others.

Hidden Treasure is by far the most impressive of their work as the students decided to do a skit in one of their assemblies during school. The chosen theme was, “If you put your heart and mind to it, anything is possible”. They scripted a play of cleaning the school and how one child can make a difference because the child decided to take a bold step to keep the school environment clean. Followed by a set of declaration statements that they would abide by and a song that they came up, with the help of their class teacher which went like this,

Clean Clean Clean our School,

Keep our Class Room Clean.

Throw the Waste Paper, into the Dustbin.

Keep our Environment Clean and Clean,

Keep ourselves Clean,

Keep our Houses Clean,

Keep our School Clean.

Thank You.

This has been an amazing quarter for Don Bosco sixth graders am totally looking forward to the next one.