Don Bosco Recap – Jan 2019

The Children Have Been Showing Good Progress With Studies And Also Communication. I’m So Proud Of How They Have Become So Involved And Very Eager About The Programs . I Hear From The Caretakers That The Kids Have Been Talking About Our Programs To Their Friends And Many Of Those Kids Also Want To Join In The Tuition So That They Can Also Be A Part Of This Journey.

The Caretaker Has Seen Some Good Change In The Kids And Approached Me With Great Points Which He Saw Our Programs Doing.

Following Are Some Things That We Saw We Did Well And The Things Could’ve Gone Well:-


Things That Went Well:

  • Growth In Mathematics (Due To Mathletics)
  • Kids Growing Out Of Their Shells
  • WordFrame Participations
  • Voluntary Participation In The HT RV (Put A Smile On Their Faces)
  • Great Co-Operation With The Caretaker, Tutor And Program Admin.
  • Dennis, Swetha And Swathi’s Attempts On Mathletics



Things That Did Not Go Well:

  • Delay In HT Project.
  • No Tutor For A Few Months And Then A New Tutor Who Wasn’t Connecting To Advanced Coaching.
  • Ragavi, Vikram, Vinitha’s Attempts On Mathletics
  • The Day Of Event Of (Put A Smile On Their Face), Travelling And Reaching There On Time Became A Issue.
  • Getting Advanced Coaching Pitched To The Caretaker.
  • Sanjay Being Disconnected In The Programs, Often.