Don Bosco Recap – May 2019

KYC- Know Your Children – Starts off with the kids entering into a new year 2019. In correspondence to the previous quarter, where the students engaged in problem solving, implementation, mindfulness, logical reasoning. This final quarter we facilitate the kids to self-reflect based on a substantial data from feedback, impact and transformation.


Word Frame: – Happy to see few wordforms come in this quarter, regardless of the students schedule with annual day celebrations, unit tests and final exams. They have always made attempts to give quality wordforms and had a concert knowledge of the topic with their use of colors and examples. Surprisingly, when I asked them to give a feedback on the program, this what they had to say, how little things make a difference especially when working in a team, to think about the topic in the minds…their one wish was mostly to effectively work as a team.


Mathletics: – This quarter most of the kids have crossed one of their difficult levels. Challenge I saw in these kids were compounding 125 and 250 where the students could not make sense of the problem or finish it within the time frame. Now that they have cleared it, most of them have passed on to the second proficiency. Glad see the excitement in these kids as I remember their approach was helping each other to solve this problem from the ones who have passed. Here are few things the kids did have to say about the program, good mind changing game, helped them learn tables and from their mistakes…


Hidden Treasure: – It was far more a learning experience for the kids, with the theme, “Stop Bullying and Let’s Be Kind”. Their entire focus was to get their friends and fellow mates to embrace the theme and a bring a respect among each other. With KYC they realized their struggle to back data on the impact or feedback was not possible because they don’t see themselves doing the same. So as a class, all agreed to apply it among selves and see the impact made.  We have printed 150 stickers of which 22 stickers were credited within the class based on the stories given by the leaders of how they were kind – Arjun stopped teasing Sneha, Bhanu helped Jasmine in Math sums, Jasmin helped doing class work for Aradhana, Moulya helped teacher in wiping the chair. This culture will be carried forward for the rest of the school in the coming academic year.


Totally these kids have grown to look at challenges as a means to excel and become who they are. As these kids, in the slightest of moments did not expect they could do the impossible. One of the students I have seen improved over time is Mr. Pavan, he is usually shy and does not talk much. However, he was made the leader, during that journey I could sense this hope he lost and found for himself. Wishing them for the next year.