Don’t let your insecurity define you

Chaitanya : Self-Worth Postcard

“I loved to play and I participate in sports. But it’s not a common thing for girls in my neighborhood to excel in sports.


So, I would hesitate to participate out of fear of rejection. ‘What if I can’t play? What if I can’t win? What if nobody chooses me for their team?’ These thoughts filled my head but I decided that I won’t let the “What if’s” stop me.


I enrolled in the throwball team. Playing with the team was a great feeling! And to think my own insecurities could have stopped me from enjoying the game. All I had to do was give it a try.”


Ankitha taught us that people who are the best in their field, the greatest the world has ever seen also have doubts and insecurities. But that should only prove that you will always care. And that’s okay. To fear is human. To worry is, too. We must learn how to harness that energy to accept and reject our insecurities


One step at a time.