Expresso Finale 2014-2015

Vijaya Deepam : Education Programs

It was a great experience at the Hope Torch Expresso Finale 2015 held at the IIDA campus, Chennai.  It’s amazing to see kids step out of their comfort zone and try something new.  Each of the presenters should be proud of themselves for overcoming their fears.

They each reflected on how their role models left an impact on them.  The presenters are listed below along with who their role model was:

From Vijaya Deepam :
Geetha – Gandhiji
Deena – Viji Gupta (Her Mom at Vijaya Deepam)
JoshnaHer School Teacher
From Surabhi:
Aakash – Gandhiji
From PUSH Trust:
Yesodha – Rev Rajamani (Founder of Push Trust)
Debokki – Kalpanna Chawla ( Scientiest)
Jothiraj – Kamarajar

Each presenter was paired with a spectator who acted as their coach, allowing the children to rehearse and giving them pointers.  The presentations were energetic and despite the pressure, the children did their best.

Thanks to all volunteers and spectators for supporting the program and encouraging our children for their betterment.

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