Facing an Audience – Phase 1

The goal for this quarter at the boys Home of Faith was to conquer their fear of facing an audience. The first initiative towards meeting that goal was for all the boys to learn how to prepare a speech and how to confidently deliver it.

The first week they were to do it without any preparation. None of them came prepared, confident that they could talk about themselves without any preparation. Most of them however ended up searching for words, were easily distracted and finally able to come up with only 3 or 4 sentences about themselves. They were fearful, stammered and were not confident at all.

The second week, the boys repeated their speech but this time they had prepared notes. The talks went very well, and the kids appeared and felt very confident. These two weeks helped the boys to realize the importance of preparation, and planning ahead on what to say.

Talking without halting or getting distracted, focusing on something still, looking at the notes to get the first word of the sentence, memorizing their speech, and other such practical skills were taught to the boys, enabling them to gain confidence and talk before an audience.