Failure makes me resilient.

Agape : Self-Worth Postcard

It is not easy understanding the true meaning of why i needed to be positive about failure. I am used to thinking of failure as a punishment or a consequence that the world gave to me for not being able to succeed; for not being victorious.

But having experienced failure I have realized that my success was based on a learning curve. It might have taken me a little longer, I might have had to work a little harder, but it was more about picking myself up and moving forward. My own story helps me see other people with greater positivity.

I see a similar story being played out in the life of one of the HT kids I work with.

Sanjay is a ten year old in class 5. He attends the Hope Torch programs at the Agape tuition center.

Sanjay is normally aloof, and intelligent. Like most boys his age, he enjoys fun games, cricket, etc. He initiates conversations with everyone at the tuition centre.

Mathletics and Word Frames are two of Sanjay’s favorite HT programs that he loves working on. He waits with patience to see me on the program days because he finds the programs out of the ordinary and interesting.

But Sanjay has experienced much failure in the past. Be it while playing games, or maintaining friendships, or interacting with his family. He has been discouraged and made to feel like a failure himself. But after understanding the idea of a growth mindset where your brain keeps working and having fun figuring out new pathways to solve different problems, he sees that different people have different learning curves.

He shares his new learning saying, “I try hard to be better even if i fail to be victorious at the end of the day.” The postcard represents his words, “…. Dusting myself and overcoming my fall.”

As the youngest of 3, Sanjay has 2 elder sisters. His sisters have recognized the changes in his attitude. They encourage and praise his growth in the past couple of months.

He gives us a message by immortalizing these emotions, “If you fail today, learn from your mistakes and get ready, because tomorrow is another day.”

Sanjay, at this young age, has started accepting who he is. It’s time we did too.