Feba Peter – A Self-Worth Story

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Feba Peter is an enthusiastic young entrepreneur from Bangalore who is an inspiration for many young women. Her journey discovering and building self-worth is for all the young women out there who battle the different labels we wear while trying to break the glass ceiling.

Recognizing the innumerable identities, like our name, gender, profession, caste, religion, etc., that often holds us back, Feba states that self-worth lies is finding our true self:

Self-worth tells that we are beyond all these identities that we are given. And that we are unstoppable.

Self-worth in intrinsic; we continue to realize this with each of life’s experiences. Brimming with confidence and independence, Feba shares that she is currently discovering aspects of her self-worth as she goes out of character.

Currently, she is channeling her self-worth towards bringing her family closer and strengthening the bonds.  She finds she is able to do, “Things which do not even match the personality that I have created for myself. It [self-worth] is all about realization. Because once you realize your worth, all other expectations fall apart. One no more wants to live a life full of expectations rather one would want to live content and fulfilled life.”

Our worth doesn’t depend on validation or approval by others, but the journey is amazing when we find someone who helps us see our own worth. Feba recalls the amazing feeling when one of her teachers loved her in spite of her lack of interest in studies. This act eventually motivated her to concentrate on her studies.

As a Program Admin for Hope Torch, she knows first-hand that everyone has different ways of learning.

She says, “The old education system is just killing the confidence of our children. People take their own time and space to understand new things…being patient and showing unconditional love can turn stone into pearl. Also, I realized that Math is not that tough as I always thought. I started learning more about math on my own which was a revelation in itself.”

A realist at heart, Feba notes that the greatest challenge people face is to identify where people draw their self-worth from – external forces or one’s self.

She exclaims, “If accepted by people, we grow. If rejected by them, we feel like nothing. The reality is that one is born with self-worth and people can neither destroy it nor create it for us. Especially in a world which claims to fix anything and everything externally, self-worth journey can be a tough, but not unattainable.”

For instance, she had an opportunity to encourage a friend who was uncomfortable conversing in English. Feba explained that language was created by man to help man and it was not the other way around. The fear of not knowing fluent English is instilled by the society. This boosted her friend and she was proud to have challenged a fallacy, which was not serving any good.

She concludes by reflecting on what might have been if we lived in a culture of self-worth, “If I was guided to know more about myself and given more time to realize myself then I would have learnt things [earlier] which I am learning now. That learning could have been a fascinating adventure.”

It’s never too late to realize your self-worth and help others realize their worth.

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