Guruvari is back in school!

PUSH Trust : Self-Worth

Guruvari was born with the challenge of a curved spine, causing a pronounced hunch in her back  Sometimes when she walks, the pain is difficult to bear  When she was 11, she went through a painful time in which the pain required constant painkillers.  She could not go to school.  From that point on, she decided that school was too difficult, both physically and emotionally.  For the next two years, she remained at home without education, interaction, and support.  She withdrew into a shell.

Over the course of the one and a half years working with Hope Torch, Guruvari has slowly resurfaced from within the shell.  Whereas in the beginning, she would not participate in the activities, slowly she began to involve herself and even take leadership positions.  Hope Torch tried various ways to help her physically, but the doctors could not find a medical solution.  It seems that this is a challenge that Guruvari would have to bear her entire life.

In January, Guruvari went back to school  She decided that she wanted an education for herself.  Despite the pain and the fear, Guruvari felt that school was worth attending.  Now it has been a few months, she is still going strong.  Doing the best she can, her effort is amazing especially considering the pain she endures.  Guruvari has shown her self-worth in her belief that school may have something more to offer her.