HOF Boys Recap for Oct-Dec 2017

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The boys at Home of Faith had been involved in various programs this quarter which are listed below,

Quarterly Goal – Football

Hidden Treasures – Season Greeting cards

Mathletics, Word frames, Inside Out and Advanced Coaching.

We had many new boys join us this quarter. It was quite a short term but we had the most of fun. We started this quarter with a football match. It was a fair match. The winners were taken out for a pizza dinner.

The boys and I connected really well over this term. Since the holiday season was approaching, we decided to share stories of how Christmas was celebrated in their culture and homes. It was a good time of sharing as they had wonderful Christmas traditions and stories that take place at home and church.

They have caught on well with Word Frames and Advanced Coaching. The boys have started liking our Inside Out program, as they get to share snippets of their lives and daily school happenings. The boys’ level of enthusiasm towards Word Frames has been consistent over the past quarters. This program has helped them improve their spoken English and their level of creativity.

The football match sparked a greater level of enthusiasm towards our programs, as it started off the quarter as such. Team building games got the boys really excited. They bonded well with each other. They planned their team strategies well and had a good fair game.

We had a small Christmas party at the end of November. We had cake, sang Carols, and the boys each received a small Christmas present. Our Christmas party was a time of bonding between the boys and me. We shared stories of Christmas traditions at our homes and that time of sharing made it a special Christmas for both and the kids.