Home of Faith – Recap December 2017

The boys at the Home of Faith have been involved in various programs this quarter:

  • Quarterly Goal – The Joy of Reading – Drama
  • Hidden Treasures – “Creative costumes”
  • Mathletics, Word frames, Inside Out and Advanced Coaching.

I personally had a bit of a struggle this quarter with the boys, as there were many new boys joining our program each month. There were many sessions that were spent explaining the programs and what Hope Torch was all about to the new boys. They caught on well with Word Frames and Advanced Coaching.

The boys showed good amount of interest in the Inside Out program. They opened up about their life and happenings of school life and family life. Most issues the boys shared were regarding the ones they had going on back in the home.

The boys’ level of enthusiasm towards Word Frames has been consistent over the past quarters. This program has helped them improve their spoken English and level of creativity.

The Advanced Coaching is however the boys’ favorite program. They find it easier to memorize and reproduce the answers than to come up with their own way of writing the answers.

The Quarterly Goal was a drama on the “Call of Baby Samuel”, in a modern-day setting. As initiatives towards accomplishing the goal, the boys came up with simple everyday goals that they can set for their lives, from the lives of Samuel and his obedience towards God. The boys wrote down goals and lessons they can learn and practice for their lives.

As a means of doing the drama, the boys planned to come up with their own costumes as their Hidden Treasure project. They could not accomplish this as they had exams and most kids were falling sick during this season. Hence, the Hidden Treasure project has been pushed to the next quarter.

On the whole, this quarter has been quite different as the boys are still getting used to our programs. Hoping for the best in the next quarter.