Home of Faith Recap – Oct 2019

Home of Faith Boys : The Latest News

The boys at Home of Faith had been involved in various programs this quarter which are listed below,

Quarterly Goal – Cleanliness

Hidden Treasures – Say no to pollution

Mathletics, Word frames, Inside Out and Advanced Coaching.

I personally had a bit of a struggle this quarter with the boys, as there were many new boys joining our program each month. There were many sessions that were spent explaining the programs and what Hope Torch was all about to the new boys. They caught on well with Word frames and all our other programs.

The boys showed a good amount of interest in the Inside Out program. They opened up about their life and happenings of school life and family life. Most issues the boys share are the ones they have going on back at home.

The boys’ level of enthusiasm towards Word Frames has been consistent over the past quarter. The new boys who have joined our programs this quarter have been doing word frames better than most of the older kids. Four 4th std boys have joined this quarter and their level of word frames took me by surprise. I was not expecting them to come out with such creativity at their first attempt.

The advance coaching program went on well. A gradual increase in the scores of the boys is seen. Also, this has helped them improve their scores at school, as told by the caretaker.

The Quarterly Goal was Cleanliness of the Home. The boys Home is usually not always clean. They do not spend time cleaning the place. Hence this goal seemed fitting. The boys and I prepared a schedule on who would sweep and mop the place every day and eventually this has now become a habit. The kids clean their own room and bathroom and the place is always kept clean.

As a part of achieving the goal of doing keeping their house clean, the boys have also taken an interest in keeping their neighborhood clean. They live in the heart of Kothnur area and are most affected by pollution because of open dumpsters, dusty roads etc. Hence the boys have come up with “Say no to pollution” as their Hidden Treasure project which they are working on for this year. They have submitted a written proposal of what they want to do and also have presented a video of the same.

On the whole, this quarter has been quite different as the new boys are still getting used to our programs. Hoping for the best in the next quarter.