Hope and Trust Cure Uncertainty

Arun : Cover Story

Dear HT Family,

Over the past few years, the Self-Worth Postcard Campaign (SWPC) has been a time in which we promote a message of self-worth through postcards. The intent has always been to empower you to be there for people in their time of need. And we all have different needs at different seasons of our lives.

This year, the pandemic has created a new need. A feeling of uncertainty is gripping the world. I have friends and family isolated from the rest of their loved ones. I’m sure you do too. Daily, I think of them and pray for them, wondering how they find peace in the moments when they question what tomorrow will bring.

There is one cure for uncertainty, Hope stemming from Trust. We can trust in the system, in our neighbour, in our perseverance, in our God, in whatever brings us confidence for tomorrow. From this trust, we find our hope.

This year, we have put our theme on hold to bring you a theme which reminds us that “Hope and Trust cure Uncertainty.” They don’t eradicate it, but they empower us to not be bound by it.

As you know, the coronavirus has made the usual postcard delivery impossible. That’s why this year, we have launched an app available in the Google Play Store. It is called the mySWLegacy app (My Self-Worth Legacy). From this app, you can download the cards from the featured theme, write your letter, and share the postcard with the person you have in mind.

Download the app today and discover self-worth through a postcard.

Praying that Hope finds all of you during this time of Uncertainty.