Hope Torch @ Harshananda

Chaitanya : The Latest News

Inaugurating Hope Torch in HMF. The home has 14 beautiful and energetic girls.  As we entered wondering where to place the banner.  Saranya came forward asking “Akka are you looking out for something”. We told her that we want to hang our banner.   Saranya and the girls handled the rest.

We got to know each other more through our life skill fun activities. In the first activity they had to act out about their partners whatever they liked.  In the midst of the activity, Tanuja pointed out that one of the thing she liked about her friend is that she is hard working (one of the inner quality).  The second activity was all about giving their partners the most toughest task and the twist in the game was that at the end they kids had to do the same task for their friend’s. The task was very difficult for them as they thought this will be given to their friend.  At the end, they understood that putting others in difficult situations is easy but going through the same difficult situation is not very easy.

They also wanted their caretaker to act out something which she likes about the warden and the Project Administrator of Hope Torch.  The girls loved it when she tried to act out only for them.   At the end we presented a memento to the caretaker as a token of appreciation for being co-operative and had a lovely refreshment session with Children.