Hope Torch Child Transformed to Hope Torch Admin!

PUSH Trust : Self-Worth

One of the goals of Hope Torch is to identify and bring out the talents in every child we work with. Yesodha and Deboki from the PUSH Trust Home have taken part in Hope Torch programs conducted at their home for the past 3 years. This year they have started college and are doing their undergraduate degree in Microbiology. Hope Torch felt that this was the right time give a boost to their leadership skills, identified during the past three years. They now are again involved in the programs, but this time as program administrators – something we are very excited about!

They are being trained by the program administrator for the home and in the past 2 months have been doing an excellent job. Yesodha  is handling Word Frames and Mathletics, while Deboki is in charge of Hidden Treasure and Expresso. Really looking forward to seeing how they progress in coming days!

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