Jehovah Samuvel – Failure is a Teacher

Hope Torch : Cover Story

I am Jehovah Samuvel Dass, and I am serving as a pastor in my hometown, Trichy, Tamil Nadu. I am married to Rachel who is a counselor. We are blessed with two children, Ethan (two and half year old) and Nathan (6 months). Our work involves counseling people who are facing different issues in life like marital problems, unemployment, addiction, loneliness, guilt, etc..

According to me failure is inevitable. No one can escape experiencing failure in their life. If failure is handled with the right mindset, it can build us into something greater. However if we see failure as a negative force and experience it with resentment and anger, it can destroy us no matter how strong and wise we think we are.

Failure teaches us valuable lessons which success cannot teach.

During my school days, I was one of the better students in my class. However, when I wrote my +12 board exam, the result shocked me. I failed in Math. It shattered me and my parents. It was extremely difficult for me to accept this failure.

For a few days I was upset, but then I learnt to move on. I took a break from everything I was doing. I analysed why I failed. Self-analysis helped me a lot. My failure forced me to work hard.
It is failure that taught me these valuable lessons, which I will never forget.

It’s ok to fail sometimes. We are not Superman or Avengers with supernatural powers. We are just human beings. All we can do is move on. We should never dwell on our failures.

Anyone trying to overcome a failure should never give up. Life will always give you a second chance.