Kairos Recap – Jan 2019

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The Dedication Shown By Both The Kids At Kairos Makes Me Feel Like I Wish I Was A Kid Again. Their Thoughts And Plans On Both The HT Project And The WordFrames Were Unexpected. In Just This Short Time, Since It’s Only Both Of Them It Was So Much Easier To Connect And Work Towards Their Benefit.

As Individuals Both Have Become More Inclined On The Programs.

Following Are Some Things That We Saw We Did Well And The Things Could’ve Gone Well:-


Things That Went Well:

  • Growth In Mathematics (Due To Mathletics)
  • WordFrame Participations
  • Great Interest In The RV Campaign (Put Me In Touch)
  • Even When There Were No Tutors, They Were Positive And Looked Forward To The Program Days.
  • Prem’s Attempts On Mathletics.
  • Pradeep Joining In To Start Attending The Programs.



Things That Did Not Go Well:

  • Delay In HT Project.
  • No Tutor. Previous Tutor Decided To Drop Out Due To Personal Reasons And That Took A Toll On The Kids At First.
  • Sudarshan’s Attempts At Mathletics
  • Both Of The Kid’s Disinterest In Hidden Treasure Project.
  • The Caretaker’s Disinterest And Attitude On The Entire Program.