Kairos Recap – June 2019

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This was the last quarter of Hope ToRCh’s Program with this chapter. The positivity of the kids from Kairos was something I did not expect. Even after the chapter was closed, the kids would call me and they would inquire about my well-being. In the little time I had with these kids, They got so comfortable with the Hope ToRCh’s Participation in their life.

I see Hope ToRCh has played a very commendable role in their positivity.

Following are some things that we saw we did well and the things could’ve gone well:-


Things That Went Well:

  • Interest In Mathletics
  • WordFrame Participations
  • Even When There Were No Tutors, They Were Positive And Looked Forward To The Program Days.
  • Prem And Sudharshan’s Attempts On Mathletics.
  • Pradeep Joining In To Start Attending The Programs.


Things That Did Not Go Well:

  • No HT Project.
  • No Tutor. Previous Tutor Decided To Drop Out Due To Personal Reasons And That Took A Toll On The Kids At First.
  • Sudarshan’s Attempts At Mathletics
  • Both Of The Kid’s Disinterest In Hidden Treasure Project.
  • The Caretaker’s Disinterest And Attitude On The Entire Program.
  • The Unfortunate closing down of The Chapter.