KKC1 Recap for Oct-Dec 2017

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This is a recap of Hope Torch’s projects with Group 1 children (4th-6th standard) at the KKC during the months of October and November of 2017.

This group of little kids tend to be quiet and sensitive. Often they leave the classroom with notifying anyone and sometimes they will not return for days. The biggest challenge becomes consistent communication with kids.

Most of the kids like to play. But after-school-tuition and home work consumes most of the class during the weekdays and there is no time to facilitate play. One option that is being tried is to allocate half-hour of play once a week, included in the HT activity.

Another problem that was encountered is that children started arriving early and disrupting volunteers who were facilitating other activities. I was able to talk to the kids about arriving on time and not disrupting ongoing programs. However, attendance is still an issue.

I have now introduced Word Frames to the kids. The Word Games session proved to be a fun activity for the kids that I myself thoroughly enjoyed. The outcome of this session was to have a awards ceremony for BEST WORD FRAME every week. This is not a physical or monetary award, but recognition and confidence boosting activity. When I can call the winner, all the others say WOW! This small expression has been really uplifting for the kids.

Ever since I started the Word Frames sessions and the award ceremonies, I’ve seen fewer absentees. I am waiting to see if I can create an environment where we have no absentees among the Group 1 kids.

Then the next challenge is Hidden Treasure. In this community, this age group of children can’t come together by themselves in order to work on a project. Permission from parents had to be obtained in order to meet weekly once. After completing planned Hidden Treasure sessions, I needed one more extra session to complete the project. With permission from parents and the full cooperation of the kids, we completed the sHidden Treasure project as a team.