KKC3 Recap for Oct-Dec 2017

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This is a recap of the Hope Torch programs conducted for the Group 3 kids (8th-10th Standard) at the KKC between October and December 2017.

This group of kids are creative story tellers. They also approach learning with enjoyment. However I do find myself anxious to start class as the fights break out often between boys or amongst girls for silly reasons and my first task during every class is to clear the problems.  I really have to find ways to engage them where they do not fight with each other.

The kids seem to like doing Mathletics. Even when children will miss or fail the 3 minute tests, they don’t seem to get discourage and they don’t get tired. They will ask for the same test and try to complete it within the same time allotment. I found this interesting.

One day an 8th std boy passed a specific level that another 9th standard boy failed. The 9th standard boy asked to retake the same paper but I had to decline since I did not have extra copies available. The boy did not give up; he did not accept defeat and came back the next day asking for the test again. But due to his persistence, I had to part with the one original copy I had made for my files. He proceeded to take the test and complete it within 3 minutes. He was immensely happy and though he did not say much, you could see his face beaming with an “I can do it attitude. His success contributed to me taking pride in my work.

My next challenge was to create more unified groups. In the beginning of the Hidden Treasures project, I allowed the kids to form groups by choosing their own group members. Even though everything started well, they would later ask to be switched to another group, often quoting that they were more interested in the Hidden Treasure project being done by that other team.

I was able to sense the discomfort in one particular boy, as he was working with his assigned team. To mitigate it, I decided to share with the class certain positive qualities I had noticed in him. This boosted his confidence and was able to collaborate better with other team members. I even made him a leader for his group. In the end, his team really had a fantastic presentation which they executed with unity. They each divided the talking points amongst themselves and took turns to present their project.

Their project focused on the dangers of alcohol and tobacco. They presented the problems alcoholic men and women face in the world. They presented the health hazards of using tobacco, and the hazards of second hand smoke caused when smoking in front of others. They explained why these habits are harmful. I have no words to express my joy in their accomplishment. I do not see this as the end of their project, but instead I hope it is a beginning of their great future.

These experiences really made me to do more things for kids and the community. I aim to understand the situation of children within their home and to understand the struggles of the parents so that I may work to help the community.