Life in Three Stages

Living Peace : Self-Worth Postcard
Life in Stages Postcard

That’s a statement most people use to describe or justify everything that is being done by them today. And so, everyone embarks on this marvelous journey of finding peace and contentment in this short time they have on the earth.

In order to show that time is the most important aspect of everyone’s life, a team of 5 kids from Living Peace Home, Bangalore, took up the project of sketching and painting a picture of the morning, the evening and the night, that depicts the various stages of life. The picture shown here: THE RISING SUN, represents the birth of life. The kids worked on this as a part of their Hidden Treasure program organized by Hope Torch. Through this program the kids promoted the objective of working together.


The program admin, Anisha, expressed that she was impressed, seeing the kids believe in themselves. She noticed that the kids came together enthusiastically and contributed ideas and efforts in getting the work done. This idea of coming together as one enabled them to see each other’s worth and also theirs, in and through the process as they were motivated on completing the task.

The kids were determined of the project’s message. They overcame team challenges that came their way. They stayed focused and most importantly accepted each other’s ideas that helped improve the project. Altogether, the kids wanted this project to be showcased to the world, for everyone to understand the different stages of life; that time is short and that we need to make the most of it.