Life is Beautiful

Radiant Shema Boys : Self-Worth Postcard
Life is Beautiful Postcard

“Life is beautiful!”

It quite amazes me how often I hear this from people who go through a lot in life.


People often say this phrase when traveling to an exotic place or in the midst of excitement. A group of 9 boys from Radiant Shema Boys Home, Bangalore, decided to make this phrase their central focus even in the midst of hardships. Being away from home, having witnessed a parent’s demise, learning to make the best of every opportunity presented are the experiences that have shaped them. Despite the past, they 9 boys decided to write a small book called “Life is beautiful” as a part of their Hidden Treasure program organized by Hope Torch.


When the program admin, Niveesh, first asked the boys to pick their new Hidden Treasures project, they chose to focus on the positive side of life and recognize that people often take life for granted. After much brain storming on how to get this message across, they decided to make it a creative writing project and publish a book. With this book they wanted to communicate to people that life is precious, and that it needs to be valued and respected for all it’s worth.


The Hidden Treasures Project has a built-in self-worth objective that allows kids to work in teams and discover their potential in various team roles. Leadership, for instance, changes with each new project. This gives each child a chance to develop various skills.


After the project plan was created and the actual writing work began, the boys were overcome with self doubt. The program admin was able to work with them to help them move past their fears and reclaim their initial passion.



In this project, two boys took the leadership of the entire project including the delegation of roles. Another kid collected ideas on little details and created cover pages to incorporate publishing details in their handmade book. Each of the boys assumed a role that would aid in the completion of the book. Each step of the project boosted the morale and the confidence of the team.


They wrote short stories, poems, and personal anecdotes to highlight the theme. The insight shared was inspirational. The quote on the postcard is just one example of their ability to introspect and find meaning in all of life’s experiences.


On completing their book, they were so proud of their work, they each wanted a photocopied version of their handmade masterpiece as a keepsake. Even if it took a while for the boys to gain a sense of ownership of the project, they caught on, and eventually believed in themselves when they started working as a team.