Living Peace Recap – Oct 2019

Living Peace : The Latest News

The boys at Living Peace have been involved in various programs this quarter which are listed below,

Quarterly Goal – Time Management

Hidden Treasures – Best out of waste

Mathletics, Word frames, Inside Out and Advanced Coaching.

I have spent only about three weeks with the boys at Living Peace. It took me a while to understand their names and what their interests were. They were shy at first as I was a new person to them. But at the end of the quarter I can say that they have opened up a lot and have been sharing fun stories about friends at school, football practices etc.

The caretaker Mr. Athing and his family have been welcoming and friendly to me. They have helped fix a certain date for the boys to be available for our programs. They also make sure that they do not have any other engagements on that day during that time.

The word frames the boys submitted to me when I first went there was purely a school textbook diagram. They had copied and drawn that in a paper and explained it to me. I scraped their whole project, into making them select small themes to work on and do a better word frame. Hence, they chose topics like leaf, light, air etc., and came up with better word frames than before.

The advance coaching program is going on well. The tuition teacher, David, is doing a good job and the boys are scoring well. The caretaker is happy with the way David is helping the boys in their school lessons.

The Quarterly Goal was “Time Management”. We had some useful conversations on how one can manage time. We were not able to complete this goal hence it is being pushed to the next quarter.

The Hidden Treasure project chosen by the boys to work on for this year is “Best out of waste”. They have chosen this theme as their neighborhood is highly polluted with open dumpsters where plastic bottles are thrown around everywhere. Since plastic is non-biodegradable, they have taken up on themselves to collect these bottles transform them into something useful and hand them over as gifts to their neighbors. They have submitted a written proposal as well as a video of the same.

My experience all through this quarter with my boys has been fulfilling. They saw me as stranger first and hardly spoke to me, but now they see me as their own and are willing to share fun stories with me. Hoping this bond would grow in the coming days.